The 9 Gifts of The Holy Spirit

Jun - 03

The 9 Gifts of The Holy Spirit

We are now in the Winter months, and on the doorstep of another Celebration of Pentecost – the Out Pouring of the Holy Spirit – Sunday June 5th, 2022…

To celebrate this, we have started looking in Depth at the 9 different gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in 1 Cor 12 – First a quick Summary of all the Gifts on May 16th, and has just covered the 3 Power Gifts: Faith, Gifts of Healing and Working of Miracles on Monday May 30th.

If you’ve missed these session, please head over to our YouTube Channel, and catch up on our sessions, and then you are welcome to join us from this coming Monday – June 6th, 2022, and every Monday thereafter, where we will continue looking at the rest of the 9 Gifts first, and then we will be going into more depth on the Prophetic Gift specifically, as well as the the Prophetic Ministry, the 5-Fold Ministry Gifts..etc..

If you want any of the Notes, you are welcome to download them, and work through them, as well as use them to prepare your own sermons…

And please let us know if you have any Feedback, Testimonies or Revelations you’ve received after working through any of the Notes, or after attending (or watching the re-plays) any of our Training sessions… We would love to hear from you, and rejoice in your answers and breakthroughs our Lord has given you…

For the Zoom details, just look on the Poster, and you will get the relevant info you will need.

We start exactly 7pm Central Africa Time (which is 8pm East Africa Time, or 1pm EST or 10pm Pacific Time), every Monday.

Hope to meet you online soon !!

Below are the links to each of the last 4 teachings we’ve recently completed, building up towards Pentecost…

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