Repentance and Prayer for Peace Day – South Africa

Feb - 01

Repentance and Prayer for Peace Day – South Africa

Repentance and Prayer for Peace Day – South Africa

We want to invite you to come and attend our First meeting for 2020..

We will be having a guest speaker Rev Dr Edward Mikwamba from National Repentance Malawi¬† – which is a sub-division of the National Day of Repentance Ministry under Ps Jeffrey Daly in the USA, ministering to us…!!!

Rev Edward¬† will be covering the importance of Repentance – which is a Pre-Requisite to Revival…

‘Cause Without True Heartfelt Repentance there will be NO Revival…!!!

And South Africa – just as Malawi and the Rest of Africa – desperately needs Revival to break out for our countries and political situations to turn around…!!!

THUS: If you are an Evangelist, an Intercessor, or if you have a heart or a longing for South Africa to be Revived and to be brought back to God and His ways and Kingdom, then this meeting a “MUST” for you to attend..

We will be going deeper into the Power Behind Repentance – as well as give lots of Time to Pray and Intercede for our Families, and beloved Country – as well as Africa and the rest of the world.

We will also be giving time for Prophetic training and Sharing of Prophetic Words for South Africa…

If you need any more information – please don’t hesitate to contact us…

We would love to see you on the day !!!

This meeting will also form part of our Prophetic Training

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  1. What a Day it was… !!!!
    Although we had a lot of resistance in the spiritual realm to cancel the meeting, and we were also a very small group, we can say with confidence that God was very much Present on the Day – and we could feel how our Prayers are being received and Answered….!!!
    Even the Harties Dam was overflowing that very same day – that they had to open all 10 flood gates for the day !!!
    Now if that isn’t an answer to prayer on its own then I don’t know…
    For more information – you can have a look at our Gallery & Teaching pages as well as the National Repentance Malawi website
    We are trusting God we will see changes happening in our nations, governments and the weather patterns after today!!!!
    And we are already planning our next event..

    Keep a watch on our website as well as the National Repentance Malawi website – for more information on the next Repentance Meetings coming up !!!!
    Looking forward to see you there..!!!

    Stay Blessed…

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