On-Line Training Continues

Mar - 28
Poster for our 10th Session of our online Training - Treasures of HEaven - Titled: Speaking in Tongues

On-Line Training Continues

It is the End of March, 2022 already, and we are still continuing with our On-Line Training sessions every week…!!

Come join us live via ZOOM or on our YouTube Channel every Monday evening at 7pm CAT !

Since January 17th, we’ve been looking at the Kingdom of Heaven – and all its Treasures – as well as looking at the different Kingdom Principles (Keys), and how we can apply them in our lives, to see the Power of God’s Kingdom to Manifest in and through our lives, and bring change and Breakthrough.

And as always – we are also ministering Prophetically after each session – unless we ran over our time…

If you’ve missed any of these teachings, or if you want to refresh your memory again, please feel free to scroll over to our Cry of an Eagle Revival Ministries YouTube channel, when you can watch all of the training sessions. And you are also welcome to download any of our teachings – just scroll over to the Teachings page for all the notes from all our past sessions + more…

And I want to encourage you, also watch the Prophetic Ministry at the end of each session – where Prophet Deon shared some Prophetic Messages for people online. And maybe, just maybe there was a Word for you, that you’ve missed. So please take a few minutes, and go and watch what God was also saying to everyone watching us online (which includes anyone watching us afterwards)…

And if you have a testimony, feedback or questions from any of our sessions, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and let us know your comments, questions, etc…

We would love to hear from you..

And please stay blessed – and join us again next time…

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