Welcome to our Gallery Page !!!

Here you can view some photos of our latest events, as well as where we were and what we have done over the past 7+ years, which includes Prophetic Schools, Sunday Services, Conferences, Camps and Outreaches…

Meetings during 2020

8th February 2020 – Special Event with Rev Dr Edward Mikwamba


Meetings during 2019

20th July 2019 – Special Event with Arch Bishop Sunday

24th August 2019 – How to deliver a Prophetic Message


14th September – Prophetess Candice and UD Okon

Our October Ignite the Flame Conference



Past Events – from Latest to Oldest

Prophetic School Photos over the past 7+ years

Norfolk Pine Guest House

We then moved over to the Norfolk Pine Guest House in September 2016 – where we are still ministering at present…


Our days at House of My Glory

We were in the Children’s hall at House of My Glory from January 2014 till May 2016


Our days in the Lyttleton Library Hall

We only had a few Prophetic School meetings and 2 Healing School Meetings between June 2013 and October 2013


Our First days at Cornish Kettle between 2012 and May 2013

We started off First the Small Children’s Tent, then moved inside the Coffee Shop and then later we were in the Big Tent



Our Past Conferences

We held 2 conferences at Cornish Kettle – one in August 2012 where 5 of our Friends joined us to minister with us, and then we had our Faith Conference early 2013…

Past Outreaches

We have been involved in outreaches to Siyabuswa on the 12th of March 2016, and had been going there quite a number of times since then…including 2 special Christmas services:


Prophetic Camps

We held our first Prophetic Camp in March 2018