Blessings for a Prosperous 2021

Dec - 31

Blessings for a Prosperous 2021

Blessings for a Blessed and Prosperous New Year…2021!!

May you hear our Shepherd’s Voice everyday of the year and follow His lead through these dark and difficult times…

For He WILL guide and lead us out of it all.. πŸ™πŸ™

Thus we don’t have to fear any of these shadows of death hanging over our heads…

As we can be sure He will bring us through and out of it all on the other side, back to where the waters of rest is waiting for us…

Just Trust His VOICE…!!!



You can Read the Full Prophetic Message God gave us for 2021 here – or Listen to the message on our FB Page here – 27 December 2020



See you in 2021 and beyond..

With love from all of us at Cry of an Eagle Revival Ministries


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