Anger is Harmful if you don’t know how to manage it…

Nov - 19

Anger is Harmful if you don’t know how to manage it…

Anger is Harmful if you don’t know how to manage it…

Anger is very harmful, regardless of the reasons for the anger to have been triggered in the first place…
Any form of Injustice will cause a person to get angry at the person that caused it…The Bible also says you can get angry, but then it adds: “But do not sin”…
Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath,
Ephesians 4:26 NKJV

And that is where the greater harm comes in…!!!
For when we get angry at someone or because of something, we have a tendency of throwing all goodness, and righteousness “overboard” and want to take revenge and be even more hurtful to the other person, or even to any other person that comes a long after that…!!!

As they say “Hurting people HURTS people“… and it comes from this very thing about the Anger, Frustration and the Disappointment that has not been dealt with, and it eats like a cancer from the inside of the person that experienced or was at the receiving end of the unjust behaviour of someone else…

And if we don’t watch what we say from that point of Anger or Frustration or Disappointment , or even to whom we say it, as we often then  feel “falsely” JUSTIFIED because of the hurt and the harm that was done to us, thinking that we now have the “RIGHT” to say and do whatever we wish to justify ourselves in that situation…

And oh, how wrong we are at that moment..!!!

For we have NO RIGHT to step outside of God’s Righteousness when we get angry… No matter the reasons, WE HAVE NO RIGHT to step into sin – not through our words, or deeds or actions…!!

For when you choose to take matters in your own hands and to take revenge, or be the judge of an unjust act or deed, etc… be very VERY CAREFUL what you say and do next…!!
For it is in that moment of Anger and wanting to take up SELF-Justification and Judgement + Revenge, that we step into sin and rebellion, and that is where the devil also gets his claws into our lives…!!!

And when we add unforgiveness to that equation, then we give the enemy free reign in our lives, to freely come in to steal, kill and destroy our lives…!!!


Thus, you probably find that you’ll also sit with some or other chronic illnesses in your body today that started shortly after a huge disappointment in the past, of some or other situation that happened that made you very angry and which caused a lot of bitterness, anger and pain, etc…

And it could even affect your children and grandchildren with the same sickness…!!
As those chronic illnesses are even “inherited” through the family for generations to come…!!
Even Depression could be running in the family – as Depression is often referred to as “Anger that Turned Inwards”…., Causing a lot of destructive thinking and blaming etc, and could even lead to all kinds of psychological mis-behaviours, including suicide..etc..!!!

THUS: If you can recognise any of these lines running in your family today, then please start to forgive everyone that was involved in the situation originally, as well as yourself for all the words that you (and even your Parents or Grandparents or Spouse, etc) have spoken,  and release all the bitterness and anger in your heart and in the family today…!!</span

Repent of that Anger, and the Bitterness, and Receive God’s Forgiveness and Healing touch right now !!!

For Jesus had died on the Cross, and Shed His Blood for you and your family – to be set free…!!!
Receive His offer of Love and Sacrifice now – and allow Him to heal and deliver you…

And also forgive the person(s) that caused the Anger to rise up in your heart or that of your family in the first place !!!

Mat 18 – Jesus gave the example of a Parable – how important it is to forgive others, when you have been forgiven as well…
And leave the Judgement in God’s hands – but don’t you carry it with you any longer, as it becomes like a cancer eating you up from the inside, and it is just not worth it.  And the person that caused the injustice is going scotfree and carrying on living his/her life.

Just ask yourself – How much injustice is locked up in that ???
It is just not worth it to carry that Anger and Bitterness in your heart for one day longer.

NO – Rather forgive them, and release all the revenge, anger and bitterness back to God, and proving that you are truly forgiving that Person, even ask God to forgive them “For they didn’t know what they were doing” – and probably still have no clue till today…


That way – God will be final judge, and He will then decide what is the right action towards that person(s)…either to bring them to the point of insight and understanding, and giving them the chance to also repent and ask forgiveness for their deeds, or if they refuse to listen and obey God’s voice, he/she/or they will eventually pay for their deeds…!!!</span

As God only truly forgives someone, if they are willing to receive the Sacrifice of Jesus in their stead.

God stays a Righteous Judge – and Sin has to be dealt with, and a payment needs to be made… That is the ultimate requirement of Righteousness..!!!

The only question is:   WHO is PAYING for the sinful deeds in the end: Yourself – or Jesus…?!?!?
And that is a decision and a choice that each and every person on earth needs to make at some stage.

And we all know that we ourselves can’t truly pay for even just 1 sinful deed – what about a life of sin…!!!
Only Jesus could fully pay that price – no one else can – for Jesus was God in the Flesh – and was born sinless – and therefore He is the only One that could take the full punishment for Sin, and God’s Wrath and Anger on that cross. Nobody else can stand in that gap, not even for themselves…!!!

For if anyone refuses to receive that absolute Priceless offer and sacrifice through Faith and Thanksgiving  – they will  lose that covering from God and will experience God’s Wrath and Anger instead… And it will be eternal Punishment – Eternal Hell..!!!

BUT: For everyone that can receive the sacrifice of Jesus, and are willing to allow Him to take all the punishment on their behalf, and step into obedience and forgive others like Jesus forgave us on the cross, will be set free, and so will their family and generations to come…!!!

As Moses wrote in Deut 30:  CHOOSE LIFE so you and your children may live !!!

And through your obedience to God’s commandments, not rebelling against it, but just humbly submit and obey and do as He requires you to forgive,  you will see how Sicknesses, Illnesses, Diseases and even Depression will vanish like mist before the sun…and complete healing will step in…and you will step into a whole new life and future – free from all the pain and sorrow from the past…



All Glory to God for GIVING us the Way Out of the consequences of Sin

Through His Son: Jesus…!!

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