All meetings suspended until Further notice – COVID-19 – Corona Virus

Mar - 23

All meetings suspended until Further notice – COVID-19 – Corona Virus

All Meetings suspended till further notice – COVID-19 – Corona Virus

This is to just inform you that all our meetings for 2020 will be suspended until further notice – due to the COVID-19 Corona Virus Pandemic…

We care too much about all our friends and family’s lives and want everyone to be save and healthy…

THUS: we’ve decided to place everything on hold for now..

We will inform you the minute we are planning any further events again…


BUT: That doesn’t mean we can’t be praying for each other – and still keep contact via Social Media…!!!!

Thus, if you are looking for any prayer, or ministry – we are still just a phone call away – and we can always do video calls as well….

But till we meat again in the physical  –  Please be safe – and look after yourself – and ensure that you obey by the rules at all times… They are instituted for a very important reason. It takes just 1 person to disobey these rules, and it will infect and impact many people !!!

And we have already seen that in the Free State members from a church service has been tested positive after this week-end’s church gathering causing the numbers to increase drastically..!!!


Yes, God can change it all, and He wants to change things on our behalf…But He doesn’t want us to be stubborn or foolish…!!!  There is a very fine line between Faith and Stupidity. Therefore – Make very sure you are truly walking by Faith when you are going against any rules set-up, and isn’t just stubbornly refusing to obey the rules that government is put in place… For you will see the consequences of your choices…!!!  Be it by Faith or through stubbornness…

Jesus has given us His Name and Authority and FAITH to SPEAK over Every Situation we face..!!!

Which is very different than being stubborn…!!!

i.e. SPEAK to the situation – not attacking Government and their choices that they are implementing…and going against their orders…etc…

And Wait patiently and quietly on God, humbling yourself before His Will over this situation, and hear from Him, what He wants you to do first – before you just go ahead and storm into any situation. And Prophesying and Speaking the End from the beginning that this Virus will Blow over very quickly – and that there will be no deaths – and that everyone will be healed and safe….etc..

Meaning:  Start by Speaking over your own health and your protection – as well as prophecy over this Virus and Command it to PASS OVER your life and those that are with you in your house…!!!

For our Pass Over Lamb was slain for us – on Calvary almost 2000 years ago !!!

Claim it – and stand on it – and do not move away from this truth for one moment..!!!

Remember: The Blood of Jesus cleanses us of all Unrighteousness !!!!

Then once you have your faith strengthened, and you have Boldness in God’s love, then start speaking and Prophesying over South Africa (or your own country if you are not in South Africa) – and its people to be safe and protected from all harm..!!!

And you can do all this from the safety of your own home – no need to run into the streets…or to gather a lot of people together…

As God often moved on 1 person’s faith – rather than using the crowds…

And This is a major crises that has hit the world, and we all need to stand together in Faith – to prophesy over this situation by Pure Faith…

But if you feel that you struggle with your Faith (if fear and doubt and lots of questions are haunting you day and night) – then Now is a good time to Fast and Pray – for God to increase your faith first…!!!

Make use of this time – and remember Rom 8:28 – That everything will work together for GOOD for those who love Him, and are called by and for His Purposes !!!!

SO please – be Safe – and use this time wisely to grow and strengthen your faith !!!!


We pray God’s Blessings, Grace and Peace over you all

With love from the Cry of an Eagle Revival Ministries Team

Prophet Deon and Ps Susan Hammer


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