3rd Prophetic School Session for 2019

Sep - 10

3rd Prophetic School Session for 2019

3rd Prophetic School Session for 2019

As you probably know by now we have had our first 2 Prophetic School sessions in July & August already – and is now all geared up and ready for the rest of the year…!!!

Thus: our 3rd prophetic School session is planned for the 14th of September

We have Invited Prophetess Candice Solomons to come and minister to us, and to bring her recently Launched Book and share it with us…

And as an EXTRA SURPRISE  – her Worship Leader – UD Okon is joining her on Saturday – and is thus a definitely NOT TO BE MISSED Prophetic School Session !!!!

Thus, please bring a friend that you want to be blessed…

Please also see our Prophetic School Page  or our Face Book Site for all the rest of the details..

Please feel free to Reply below if you are planning on attending…!!!

Hope to see you all there..!!!

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